October 1, 2013

We renovate!

Fernie House 2 is almost done with renovations... well, phase one anyway.
This weekend we picked away at a few things on our list...
It is so much less stressful being able to do renos at whatever pace we want to and feel like.
This renovation has been very little stress and dare I almost say FUN?! Likely because we didn't do most of it ourselves (BEST IDEA EVER BTW).

Our little Engineer in the making is getting a kick out of watching and learning and jabbering about it all the following weeks.  He loves to build and make this kid of ours.

But of course...

May I just add he NEVER touches the power tools and there are always extra eyes behind him.

This weekend was a big break through.  He discovered the "ear muffs" (his words).
He is usually lecturing us to turn things off because they are too youd, yes, YOUD!
Instead he just lectured us with a smile, with ear muffs on.

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