July 23, 2013

Superhero Daddy!

He is indeed our HERO.  SuperDad without a doubt.
Everyday really... but this past weekend was extra SUPER for Dad.

Mountain bike racing for 24 Hours straight with 4 other buddies, no sleep.... 
Not sure how many years he has done this race but we are already looking forward to next year.

If you think this race sounds like no biggy... think again, it is, honest.
I've done it.... it was BRUTALLY hard (and I'll never attempt again).
A fun, HOT, dirty, busy weekend spent with biking families.
A few tantrums, filthy clothes, sunburns, and 57 juice boxes later... AWESOME!

Way to go Daddy Darcy, we are so impressed and so proud of you!

Cue lump in my throat.  I teared up here seeing him on course.
I can't help it, being competitive and seeing that smile was awesome... and this is on his last 30mins of the race.

I couldn't tell who was more nervous here for the last lap?

The Famous and selfless volunteer.

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