July 3, 2013

Canadian Tire Parade!

CANADA DAY was a sticky, hot, crazy long day mess.
Closing in on 40 degrees with not a cloud in sight.
A stellar day for a toddler parade?  Bahhhhhh.

But we wouldn't have had it any other way....
...except we could have done without the wee boss dumping a shovel full of sand on another 2 year old's head out of the blue.  Devil child?  OUCH.  Let me just say the other Mumma was PI$$ED!!!  BIG TIME PI$$ED!  OOPS.

Anyway... Bean called, and continues to call, the small bike parade the CANADIAN TIRE PARADE. All kinds of smalls riding bikes fancied up Canadian style.  It was impressive.  Being a proud Canadian (and a bit competitive) we have to step up our game next year.  We will have stickers and tatoos and at least 3 more maple leafs dangling off the bike.

And apparently we spend a bit of time at Canadian Tire as a family.  What can we say? We love that place!

A few photos from yesterday and today.
Sunshine, parade, friends, junk food, and TOTALLY PROUD TO BE CANADIAN!

Happy Birthday Canada!
You are so kind and fair to say the least.
We are grateful for our freedoms.
Most of the world would give anything to live here.  We know this oh so well.

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