February 1, 2013

Documenting our day....

Yesterday we took in the Science Centre!  AGAIN!
Otherwise known as the SENSA.
This season pass has been a great spend for us.

It is full of light, and lessons, and corners of happiness.
It is perfection to littles and bigs of all ages, interests, and social abilities.

We love it so.

A few from another hugely loved Science Centre day... all from my iPhone...

Cue.... Let there be peace on earth music!

He actually said CHEEZ out loud.

Cue.... Flashdance music!
Cue... Eye of the Tiger!

At the end of each Science Centre day we fall asleep to naps and bedtime remembering all the magic.
This dude may be a Science Geek like his Dad?!

Happy weekend everyone.
Find PEACE in one tiny thing this weekend.  
Find rest as well.


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