February 20, 2013


We live 2 long blocks from a brand new city transit station.
It is shinny and safe and full of blinking bright sparkly, AND LOUD, bells and lights. Thankful we don't hear anything from our home.
This station was a long time in the making... in fact, Bean wasn't even a pod in Mumma's belly when they broke ground.
It was also a LARGE pain in the traffic arse for a few years. By a few I mean over 5!  HELLO NIGHTMARE RUSH HOURS!
Now we cruise a stop or two for cheap entertainment.
On Valentines, Bean and I did a 3 stop up & back adventure.
So fun. So much to look at. So many lessons to learn as we go.
We are great Explorers!
There will be many more train journeys in our toddler years.
And this paranoid, overprotective Mumma Bear is a hard core saftey nut.  I'll admit, I'm putting the fear of the yellow line in my child.  DO NOT step close or over that yellow line.
SAFETY never takes a holiday!
Happy Wednesday to you!
I leave you with some shots of my greatest gift as I learn to take photos.

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  1. Looks like someone is having fun with public transit! These pictures are great!!


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