April 10, 2012

Making MOMENTS count!

I never want to take these moments for granted!

I always want to tickle his belly in exchange for a laugh!

and share in making every silly face the silliest of all times!

I adore sharing a quiet moment!

I hope to never stop asking them to SMILE for the camera!

Even if the smile isn't directed towards my lens!

I want to always keep our secret language between just US!

and I hope he is never TOO big for a cuddle!

I wish for NEVER missing out on a chocolate treat because of extra calories! 

and ALWAYS soaking up the sunshine with my boys!


We want to do everything we can to help heal!

even if that means managing a little pain for huge giggles!

I hope we never forget what it is like to break the ice!

and take lots of moments between runs to just sit and eat ice!

We welcome each opportunity to teach Bean life lessons, like helping with his own gear!

and I hope we always make time for rock picking, deep breaths and nature!

I don't want to forget how to say CHEEZE! (but I sure hope we get better at it!)

I don't ever want to forget how!
These moments really count...


  1. Awwww...so HAPPY!
    Such a beautiful little family.

  2. Taken with the new camera? The photos look great!


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