April 3, 2012

It's around the corner....

Since most of our weekends are spent in Fernie, BC, we are still in winter wonderland mode.
No complaints, more snow means more snowboarding.  However we are jonesing for SPRING now that April is here and it is so beautiful at home in Calgary.  The great thing with Fernie is Spring welcomes itself sometimes overnight and then there is no looking back!  SUMMAHHHHH!
My favorite subject to harass with my camera is my mini and his Daddy but I had an hour to myself last weekend so ventured out to spy on SPRING and practise something that isn't as fun in my opinion, landscapes.  How can I ignore this beauty?!  I found hints of it... and this weekend when we return (tomorrow night to be exact) I can bet Mamma Green will be in full effect sprinkling her fairy dust... or chocolate Easter eggs, or maybe even both!
Here are some Spring-wanna-be photos.  The reds were amazing!

Long walk up a big logging road.  HELLO WINTER still! 
First mountain biker sighting.  HOOT HOOT!  Bust out the TREK!
Puddles are a sure sign of Mamma Green. 
Rubber boots a friend put me onto.  JOE makes the best stuff.  Andrew likes to carry them more than wear them 
HELLO BUDS! I seeeeeeee you!
A serious sign of Spring!

Snow markers.  3 weekends ago the snow was at the top.  I kid you not!


  1. The snow and mountains. Amazing.

  2. Great photos!!


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