July 24, 2011

Weekends are for resting.

While Grampa & Grama are in PHX picking up a new vehicle we took advantage of their PEACE and QUIET at the farm and we borrowed it for a short time this weekend.  GLORIOUS country life!  Why do we live in the city?  Can't wait to get back out there this week.
Picnics on the patios, real fresh air, swishing horsie tails, no one for miles, green grass and canola fields in bloom for as far as you can see and who could forget the shop cat LOUIE! Oh and did I mention NO CONSTRUCTION OR POLICE SIRENS?!  Gahhhhhh.  Seriously heaven.  We are so lucky.  I had flashbacks to my childhood.  I am having crazy emotions wondering why I took that all for granted growing up.  Hoping to give those same simple pleasures to Andrew very very soon.
Hope you had a great weekend!

Bunny goes where Bean sleeps!
I never get tired of his smiles.

Jack & Cossack, Grampa's roping horses

After dinner stroll

TERRA VELDE FARMS... named after our Great Grandpa Andrew's dutch roots.

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