May 3, 2011

Farewell PIGLET...

This week Bean had his first signs of a cold.  COUGH COUGH.  Breaks my heart to hear baby coughs.  He was up during the nite more than usual with coughing fits and a few nites we had to prop him up on pillows to help lessen his coughs and let him get some rest, we did this without a swaddle.
I've been working hard to try to get Andrew out of a swaddle and this week I think we may have said farewell to our sweet woombie swaddle, we called him PIGLET.  Andrew LOVED being swaddled to sleep, it changed his sleeping habits overnight and allowed for nice long naps and uninterrupted nites.
This is the last picture I took of Andrew sleeping in his PIGLET (we called it PIGLET because it was pink, it is pink because I bought it on sale and it was the only color left - don't judge us!)

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