May 26, 2011

Baby Stormtrooper

Today we had a chance to meet our newest family member, TYSON! AKA Stormtrooper.
Lawna, Mike, and Braiden added another BOY to the family, that makes 3 grandson's for Nama.  No pressure for a girl at all.
Hard to believe they start this small.  He is so tiny and quiet and very cuddly.  Soooooo precious!  Braiden can't wait to teach him all his big boy tricks.

Eating and poopin all day is hard work ya know!

Andrew isn't too sure what to think.

Proud Uncle D!

Cousin LOVE!

I can't wait until Andrew can play STAR WARS!

Nama & her boys!

Uncle Darcy with Tyson Micheal Darcy Pedde!

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