January 9, 2015

In the swing of Winter...

We are in the full swing of winter here.  FULL!
Someone is ok with photos… someone is way too cool.
I'll let you decide who is who.

Just a few days off of knee surgery means I have not left our home in 8 days.  8 days with NO FRESH AIR!
Good times.
It also means very few photos were taken this week.  Boo.
But these two kiddos have me crawling and moving and appreciating in all different ways.
I snapped a few pictures from our back step, it is as close as I could safely get to fresh air. 
Don't tell Darcy or my Mom I was down there.

I hope the weekend brings you happy fresh air and a restful week.

a sincere thanks to my family and friends who have helped me/us this weekend.
I can't really explain how grateful I am.  You've done my laundry, fed my family, taken out my garbage, washed my floor, played on the carpet with my babies and given me a rest.
Bless you!  Seriously, BLESS YOU!

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