April 16, 2014

Easter prep!

Last night we started the Easter Egg preparations.
Someone is pretty pumped about Eggs, and hunting for eggs, and treats!
We are hoping to catch a glimpse of Mr. Peter Cottontail himself, that would be a big deal.  BIG!

We ate a lot of chocolate.
We colored a lot of eggs.
And we took a few breaks in between to play with Lego.
I'm pretty sure we will be eating egg salad sandwiches (with crusts off!) all week long!

The attention span often only lasts 5 minutes… we continue to make memories at our house.
The set up time is always longer than the activity itself, totally worth the efforts.
Feeling really grateful going into the long weekend.
My cold is lifting, my knee limp is less obvious, and we have a lot of fun plans (doing a lot of nothing) in our favorite happy place, FERNIE!

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