March 28, 2014

Friday Favorites... from the week before.

I'm a little slow on the posting of these.
But they tell our happy story so wanted to share.

Happy weekend.
I hope health and rest is tops on your list!

Will Spring EVER arrive?!

Daddy ran the St. Patty's Day road race again this year.  We cheered LOUD!  
It was a sunny and chilly morning!  Perfect for a run and some Tim Hortons.

We put in some solid park time (complete with brutal head bonk and goose egg).
Signed up for toddler Spring soccer.
And embraced the swings, something he's never really done.  Now there is speed and height so its all good!

Baby Buggy is starting to love her stuffies and picking them up to cuddle.
She is fascinated with this Ikea bear, it's just her size!

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