January 29, 2014

YYC Adventures!

Fast trains.
Big adventures.

We often ride the train just for fun.  Cheap entertainment!
Every part of riding the Ctrain is fun to Bean.  
It's a wonder to watch him soak it all up.  No cares in the world.

His favorite part is always "clunkin" the ticket.  He will "clunk it" four or five times.

EVERY time we ride the train we have a serious talk about respecting the yellow line.
Safety first big time on this train.

The waiting huts have heaters.

Riding the Ctrain during non peak hours makes it tolerable.
He sees things on there that I suppose many children don't have the opportunity to see.
I soak up the moments.  One day he'll be riding it without me to school.  SNIFF!
I already know those days are coming too fast.

Happy Wednesday!

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