December 22, 2013

Approaching Christmas Chaos?

The day before Buggy arrived we took in our last corporate Christmas party.  PHEWF!
This one involved: sugar, screaming kids, chaos, more sugar, Santa, more chaos, an impressive spread of snacks, and a few games.
No overload on presents or take home stuff though.  I repeat… PHEWF!

Someone had a wee bit of fun.
Ok, we all did.
We have a serious bouncy castle addict on our hands.  Who doesn't love being shot down a slide like a torpedo?!
We've had such a fun month (or two) preparing for the holidays with just Andrew.
We started (ridiculously) early to embrace it all with the 3 year old knowing full well baby's arrival would slow us down.
The plan was brilliant.  And we nailed the execution. YEAH US!
Turns out, the celebration just got better and more fun with two… no really, it did.
(may have something to do with the fact that I was sleeping ZERO HOURS before baby and now I can actually sleep).

I can't lie though, we are running out of steam as the big day approaches.
NOT to be mistaken for running out of spirit.
The real challenge is that I'm also running out of creative ideas on where to put TIMMY, our Elf on the Shelf.

We've had time in Fernie, time at home and time with Santa.
Kinda feel like the gifts have already been handed out in our world.

As a side note, I'm secretly looking forward to taking our crispy dry tree down and clearing out clutter.  But that is a secret - shhhhh.  I must always embrace my inner Grinch.  Christmas makes a mess!

Next year we will take it to the next level with two kiddos.  SO AFRAID!  Taking tips starting Boxing Day 2013.

T minus 3 sleeps people!
3 sleeps!!!


  1. It looks, and sounds, as if y'all are having an amazing season so far. Merry almost Christmas to you, friend!

  2. Anonymous23.12.13

    Special Christmas HUGS XoXo and prayers are with your growing family! Enjoy all the blessings of this Season :-) dear friend!! Heartfelt regards, Diane


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