September 26, 2013

Nothing Runs Like A Deere!

Can't really argue with that now can you?!

Harvest is coming to a close and someone is just getting warmed up.
As I kid I spent endless hours in combines and tractors. Snacks, homework, conversation, around and around the field.  Wouldn't have it any other way.

Andrew seems to know more about rural life and farming mechanics than a lot of adults will know in a lifetime.  I'm really proud of that and he isn't quite 3.
Kiddos these days just seem to pick up everything so fast.  Ask this kid about the process of harvest, he'll tell you right down to the detail of flour making noodles and donuts.  He has been coached, but he knows.

It was mentioned that a mouse went into the canola swath today and maybe ended up in the combine.
Bean translation later ... "We chopped a chipmunk!"

Details! Details!

Cookie baking with Grama is becoming very routine around these parts.
Diggers and dump trucks add to the ambiance!

Happy Fall, happy harvest, blessings galore.

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  1. Tractor time... I can't imagine anything more exciting for an almost three year old. =) And the chomping chipmunks... oh my! Patrick located a John Deere tractor parked on the grounds at Claudia's school and was in heaven just touching it. This makes me want to take him for a ride in one. =)


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