August 10, 2013

Being Present!

The long weekend involved a lot of sunshine.
A lot of country.
A lot of getting dirty.
and a lot of Papa.
AMEN to longweekends.

I try so hard not to overlook the average "everyday moment" but I'm human, so I do.
I try to take my camera everywhere I go, so I do.
I want to cherish my country upbringing extra hard as an adult through my own child's eyes, so I do.

A photo overload from part of last weekend.
It is very fair to say we were PRESENT!
Oh just guess where we were for some of it!?

And this weekend I'm heavy in that same mode.
BEING PRESENT... in the happy and not so happy (cuz we are foolish if we think they are all happy).

Is he not the cutest wee COWBEAN!!
(we also ate our share of peas, raspberries, and beets! Thanks Grama & Papa.)

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