January 24, 2013

Friday favorites!

If it isn't magically obvious... I'm a photo lover.
An Instagram obsesser.
An iphone photo nut.
A lover of all things Tim Hortons, skulls, pink, and country.
I love every moment I share at home with my wee Bean... including poo diapers, ipad tantrums, digger dings in our walls, and messes we make.
I don't always smile while I love each of these moments.
Life is kindest to my heart when I keep things simple!

I'm a bit of a blog wh*re.  I love Mom blogs, country blogs, blogs about critters and kids, and pictures documenting life's loves.
I scan blogs every day for inspiration, therapy, guidance, prayer, and advice on staying sane.
I often come across THINGS I LOVE blogs that package up pretty things, amazing reads, stylish clothes... 
I don't relate to any of that stuff.
My Friday Favorite posts are jam packed with photos I've taken this past couple of days....

Happy Weekend.


  1. More lovely photos! The one with the folks trekking up the mountain is amazing. And kudos to your Wee Bean for being so cooperative for a haircut. =)


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