December 17, 2011



These boys are BFFs!
Right out of a movie I'd say, you can't make this stuff up.  I sure wish I could package some of this love and pass it around.

When one or the other walks in the room they immediately track the other.
Like they have some crazy radar, secret connection, or amazing desire to know each other is present.

Animals bring the best out of us big human critters.
Andrew has grown beyond fond of our family stray dog, JOEY. He is in love with him.
He lives with Grampa and Grama but we consider him our own (and we don't even have to clean up the hair).
Perhaps one of the smartest creatures on earth.  Someone else's loss is our family's gain.
So sad that an animal has to be left by the side of the road.  That is how it all started....
Niece Ramsay picked the name and it couldn't suit him more.

From that moment, Joey has brought sunshine, cuddles, and a sense of humanitarianism to us all.
From hairball to slobber he is beautiful.
He is forgiving.
He is brilliant.
He is our protector and companion.
He is more than just a pet.
He is Joey!

Andrew and Joey.


Secret connections...

Yes that is Grama on a wiggle car with a lady bug touque.  Joey is refereeing the race.

That's amore!


  1. Cute! It's funny how they instantly connect with little ones. A girlfriend of mine was telling me the same story about her pup and their 5 month old. BEST FRIENDS. Baby laughs and laughs while the dog entertains. Too funny! We sure love our pups.


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