August 16, 2011

Through Laurie's Lens...

Pictures mean the world to our family.
The photos below say so much and the model is a little bit of a dream.  He brings us amazing amounts of joy, blessings, and love every second of the week.
Laurie Souchotte has become our personal photographer and we are so grateful.  I met her through her hubby Joel, who I used to train with. She is a delight and I feel like she is one of Andrew's Aunties.  Not sure why but I feel like I've known her my whole life.  Ever met someone like that?
She has done sessions with wee Bean since he was only days old and we are so lucky to have Laurie capture our special little man and so many of his smiles.
Through Laurie's Lens has become a part of our family  You can also find her on Facebook.
Laurie is fairly new at photography but has a rare talent and continues to develop her amazing skills.  She sees life through her lens, things most of us would just pass by.  Even more special, she has a fabulous way with little ones.  She is patient, funny, and so understanding of the ups and downs of our mini.  Please check out her fabulous blog, her photos make me sigh. I look forward everyday to see what she posts.  Her blog captures a little bit of everything, people, critters, countryside, activities, you name it.
Here are a few of her photos of the famous WEE BEAN ANDREW!  (She gave me the OK to post her work.)

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  1. Well aren't you just the SWEETEST! You seriously just make me tear up!!! I am so glad that my "job" is spending time with amazing people like you. :) BIG LOVE to you and your cutie little family.


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