April 20, 2011

These are a few of my favorite BABY things...

I've come across a few fun and functional baby items that have made life easier to smile and easier to get through the nites.  I can't help but share them.

I love love love love Holly's Belly Cream.  My girlfriend Kael introduced me with this gift when she found out I was expecting (Kael is Holly's sis in law).  It has been one of my favorite treats just for me.  It isn't just great for a growing or shrinking belly, but great for baby cheeks and toes and everything in between, it smells so natural and clean.  LOVE.
Check out Hollyberry's site, she has wonderful gifts and natural hand made products for the entire family.  She is a Mom to be anytime now and would love your business.  You won't be disappointed.www.hollyberrysoaps.com
I found this super cute idea on another Mom's blog.  It is in my opinion the PERFECT personal baby/child gift.  I couldn't resist ordering one for Andrew.  Ohhh how I wish I was blessed with the crafty/artsy gift.  Instead I'll support others.  I can't help but buy them for so many of my new Mom pals.
If you aren't familiar with ETSY, check it out.  Anything and everything homemade is up for sale.  Some people have amazing talents and Etsy is such a brilliant idea to buy and sell gifts.  Courtney is talented and soooo easy to deal with.
If you mention my blog Courtney will offer you 20% off her items.  Check out AllThingsCourntey.

This item is gold to me.  It changed Andrew's sleeping overnite.  He wasn't a bad sleeper but would wake himself up at nite with his flapping arms then not be able to go back to sleep.  At 6 months Andrew still uses his WOOMBIE to be swaddled at every nap and every nite.  I LOVE WOOMBIE!

The Original Woombie
Kierste is a Mom of 5!  Not only that but she has 2 sets of twins.  HOLY HOLY HOLY!
I've been following her blog for a year now and find some pretty amazing recipes and crafts, she is all about DIY.  I more just admire the crafts and try the recipes but she has some really affordable and fun projects for adults and kids.  If you read her bio you'll be exhausted just by reading all she can do in a day.  5 kids!! Pretty amazing.  Everything she creates is geard towards family and fun.  Love it.
Check out Brown Paper Packages, you might get lost in her entries....www.brownpaper--packages.com

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  1. LOVE THESE! Thanks for sharing, I have so many baby gifts to buy in the next couple of months.

    And am I too old to be a Lauriesaurus? SO adorable!


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